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Bunkerkings Supreme Jogger Pants – Royal Black

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Bunkerkings Supreme Jogger Pants – Royal Black


Bunkerkings Supreme Jogger kombinieren die Flexibilität, den Komfort und die Leistung einer Jogginghose mit der Haltbarkeit und Funktion der BK Supreme Hose. Die Supreme Jogger sind mit leichten, elastischen Oberstoffen ausgestattet, die sich beim Laufen und sliden dehnen und bewegen. Die vierfach genähte, verstärkte Knie- und Schienbeinprotektion erhöht die Haltbarkeit und den Schutz.

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(1 Kundenbewertung)

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BK Supreme Jogger Pants - Header Image

Bunkerkings Supreme Joggers combine the flexibility, comfort, and performance of jogger pants with the durability and function of the BK Supreme pants. Supreme Joggers are designed with lightweight swift fabrics up top that stretch and move as you run and dive, with quadruple stitched reinforced knee and shin protection to increase durability and protection.


The Supreme Joggers are the most comfortable paintball pants you’ve ever worn, on and off the field. The adjustable waistband is constructed from a comfortable elastic-nylon that can be tightened exactly where you want it with a quick drawcord. It’s both soft, and secure, so your pants not only won’t dig into your waist or fall down.

BK Supreme Jogger Pants - Royal Comfort


Durable mesh venting in the crotch and across the back of the legs keeps your body cool and dry, while the right side dry zipper pocket protects your microfiber from sweat or other moisture. Swab pockets on both legs are stashed tightly out of the way.


Unlimited movement with 4-way stretch zones allow you to crouch, run, crawl, or dive without the crotch digging in or the pants holding you back. The comfortable elastic ankle cuffs stretch as you slide your foot into the pants, and wrap comfortably around your ankle and sit right where they need to be without extra bunched up fabric.

BK Supreme Jogger Pants - Supreme Quality


Here’s what some of the top professionals, who have the choice of using any pants on the market had to say about the Supreme Joggers:

”Supreme Joggers are comfortable on and off the field. The waistband tie string stays snug and doesn’t dig into my sides. The cuffs on the ankles make it so I never worry about stepping on my pants legs. The microfiber pocket keeps dry even when I am sweating. I love how they move & stretch with me. The crotch never digs in, and I feel like I have unlimited freedom of movement in them.” – Jason Edwards – Tampa Bay Damage:

“The main reason I love these Joggers is because the waist fits so well and the strap doesn’t dig into my hip. But I also love that the material is super stretchable and breathable. It feels like I’m wearing sweat pants when I play, except they wick moisture, and have a lightweight knee pad, waterproof pocket, and swab holders. I do feel significantly more agile in them.” – Tim Montressor – Tampa Bay Damage.

Key Features

  • Soft, Adjustable Elastic Waistband
  • Soft Self-Clinching Elastic Ankle Cuffs
  • Lightweight, 4-way Moisture Wicking Stretch Fabrics
  • Athletic Fit — size up if you want it baggy.
  • Padded, Reinforced Knee Area
  • High Flow Ventilation
  • Hi-Flow, Duramesh Ventilation
  • Two Zipper Pockets (ride side is a dry microfiber storage pocket)
  • Dual Swab Pockets

1 review for Bunkerkings Supreme Jogger Pants - Royal Black

  1. Thor012

    Super stretchi.
    Nur die tasche für’n Laufreiniger is net so der hit, muss das Teil nach jeder Runde suchen ;o)

    Verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

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