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Virtue Breakout Pants – Black

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Virtue Breakout Pants – Black

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Die Virtue Breakout Pants sind für jede Art von Paintball-Spieler, die Komfort, Haltbarkeit und uneingeschränkte Bewegungsfreiheit verlangen. Breakout Pants sind die perfekte Balance einer leichten, athletischen Paintballhose, kombiniert mit einer haltbaren Konstruktion.

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The Virtue Breakout Pants are for every type of paintball player that demands comfort, durability, and unrestricted movement. Breakout Pants are the perfect balance of a lightweight athletic paintball pant, combined with durable construction. Lightweight, breathable comfort with an athletic cut that’s neither bulky nor excessively slim. And each leg features a velcro adjustment for players who prefer an even more streamlined fit. The Breakout Pants truly provide a precise fit for every style of play.

Brakout Pants - Feature Call-Out

Lightweight, moisture wicking 4-way stretch Cordura panels line the waist, rear knee, and inner leg, to provide maximum flexibility, and comfort, without sacrificing the integrity of the pant. The rest of the Breakout Pants are constructed from heavy duty abrasion resistant Nylon Cordura to ensure durability.

The key to the Breakout pants success is not just the materials used, but the actual cut and shape of the panels. The entire front leg panel, from the upper thigh to the ankle, is engineered from a single panel of Cordura, which not only eliminates any tearing from seams, but also increases mobility and comfort.

Highlight Features - Comfortable and Athletic

And no pair of pants can be useful without storage. The Breakout pants are designed with plenty of storage. Hip pockets, dual leg swab pockets, double zipper rear pockets, and dual concealed hidden cargo pockets offer more than enough space to carry your necessities on or off the field.

The Breakout Pants feature a velcro fly, and dual straps for a wide range of waist adjustment without digging into your side. The waistband is also designed to be higher in the back to eliminate the problem other pants half with being pulled down by the pack.

Highlight Features - Durable and Functional


  • Athletic Cut
  • Lightweight, Increased Durability
  • Adjustable Waist
  • Velcro Fly
  • 4-Way Lightweight Stretch Cordura in Non-Impact, Flex Zones
  • Durable Nylon Cordura in Impact Stressed Zones
  • Dual Swab Holders
  • Dual Concealed Zipper Cargo Pockets
  • Dual Zipper Rear Pockets
  • Dual Hip Pockets
  • High waist, Sag Free Design
  • Leg Slimming Velcro Adjustment
  • Premium Silicone Logo Branding


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