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Virtue Universal Mask Pro Pad

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Virtue Universal Mask Pro Pad

UVP: 17,95 

Das 3D Foam Molded Virtue Pro Pad wertet jede Paintball-Maske auf, um sie mit einem gepolsterten Schutz am Hinterkopf noch komfortabler und sicherer zu machen.

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The 3D Foam Molded Virtue Pro Pad upgrades any paintball goggle to make it more comfortable with padded protection on the back of your head, and fit even more securely.

The Pro Pad on the Contour II protects the back of your head with lightweight, breathable padding; and most importantly keeps your goggle comfortably secure. By increasing the area of contact, the Pro Pad reduces pressure on both your head and eyes, while holding more securely in place whether or not you use other headgear.

Key Features:

  • Fits all Goggles
  • Wear for Hours – No Discomfort
  • Fits More Securely – Easier Strap Adjustment w/ Headgear
  • Added Head Protection – Protects the Back of your Skull


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